German Surface Vessels 1
Navies of the second world war

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During the war British-and later all Allied-mercantile trade faced the two- pronged threat posed by German sub- marines and by German surface vessels.
Had the plans for the surface fleet been fully implemented and had the surface forces been organized in mutually supporting groups, British strength in capital ships would have been strained to the limit. However, as the German naval stall had anticipated that the outbreak of the war would come five years later than it did, this secondary threat to trade was diminished from the onset. Nevertheless, it remained sufficient to tie down a disproportionate number of vessels to contain it. Right through the war a powerful fleet had to be maintained in Home waters to Counter any move that might be made by the German heavy units, which made sporadic forays against convoys in the North Atlantic and an the Arctic route to Russia.
Listed in this volume are the regular warships of the German Navy, both those completed and those whose construction was subsequently abandoned or only projected. Primarily due to the curtailment of the "Z" plan, it was not exactly a balanced fleet, but this in no way lessened the constant threat it offered to Allied sea communications while it remained a fleet in being.

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